Shoulder day!

Shoulders… If you’re anything like me, you LOVE them.

I train shoulders twice a week switching it up each time for my best results!  Interested in how I’ve chosen my split? Maybe I’ll tell you in my next blog!  Now, back to shoulders.  Here is my shoulder workout from a couple days ago.

I did 3 sets in each exercise.  I’ll add the weight I used. However, you should always do what you’re most comfortable with.

I always begin my workouts by stretching.  It is so important for not only your flexibility, but also your muscles and avoiding injury.



Lateral rise- 12 reps x 10lb

Military press- 12 reps x 20lb BB

Upright row- 12 reps x 20lb BB

Front rise- 12 reps x 10lb

Alternating shoulder press 10 x 10lb DB

Super set with

Shoulder press 10 x 10lb DB


Try this workout on your next shoulder day and let me know how you liked it!

Much love!



lb- pound

BB- barbell

DB- dumbbell

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