Let’s Talk Nutrition

Welcome back friends! If you’re still here I must be doing something right!

Lets talk nutrition.  If you’re anything like me, you workout all the time but suck at sticking to meal plans and nutrition.  Recently I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Eat N Succeed, Alyssa Landau.  Alyssa offers well balanced meals delivered right to your door to help you with your fitness journey.  She offers breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even some amazing desserts. She has her own meal options but she will also cater to your needs and prep what you need!  Meal prep services are amazing for people like me who just don’t have the time, energy, or plain just don’t want to do it themselves.  This week I sat down with Alyssa and asked her some questions about nutrition, here are her answers.


Q: Why is nutrition an important part of your fitness journey?

A:  Nutrition is important because if you don’t have your diet in check, you’ll never achieve that certain physique you may be aiming for.  I’ve personally tried to outwork a bad diet, and it has never worked.  People need to come to terms and accept the fact that without solid nutrition, your body’s transformation can only go so far.

Q: What is a macro?

A: A macro is comprised of three different elements; protein, carbohydrates and fats.  It’s important to hit all three of these “Macros” or target points of nutrition throughout the day if someone wants to attain a healthy lifestyle.  Don’t forget about those precious micro-nutrients (fiber, calcium, potassium, etc.)!


Q: What does a well balanced diet look like?

A:  A balanced diet is one that mostly keeps you sane.  I can’t tell you how many people eat “perfectly” and are mentally unhappy.  Don’t let perfection get in the way of enjoying your life.  If you eat well all week, have one day where you go out to dinner, or go to the movies and eat that popcorn you love.  Life is all about balance; just make sure to hit those macros and micro-nutrients.

Q: What are some foods you recommend to stay away from?

A: None!  there are no foods off limit and no one should ever make you believe that.  Of course, if you’re allergic to something that’s different, but for people looking for guidance, no food is off limit. Moderation is key.  You want that ice cream your mom is eating? Get up, weigh out exactly one serving (it’s less than you think), this way you’ll get a taste without all the excess attached to it.  Besides, we all just want the taste don’t we?

Q: What are some foods to eat lots of?

A: Hearty, wholesome food that’ll keep you feeling full.  You can go ahead and have that ice cream, but a chicken breast and sweet potato will have you feeling satisfied for more than the brief second it takes to consume it.


If you like this blog and find it helpful, let me know and I will do more with Alyssa!  If you’d like to order from Eat n Succeed I’ve posted her website below!

See you next week!


IG eatnsucceed

FB: Eat N Succeed

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