Wake Up America

Welcome back to my blog! This post is going to be a little different than most.  After thinking long and hard about recent events I have decided to do a little different topic.  Next week we will get back to fitness but for now, here it goes.

Last weekend several of my friends were in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, which I was planning to attend.  Sunday night, the largest mass shooting in modern US history accrued. My friends were there. I was supposed to be there.

There are already, a week later, tons of conspiracy theories.  People are fighting over gun control.  People are blaming others.  I wasn’t there, I can’t begin to understand the emotions and feelings everyone involved are going through.  The conspiracy theories, gun control and everything else, don’t matter.  Innocent people lost their lives, people lost significant others, family members, and friends.  Regular American citizens stepped up and carried out wounded people that they had never even met, in open gun fire, to try and save them and get them to safety.  Regular American citizens held their significant others, family members, and friends, while they bled out.  No one should have to go through that.  So when is America going to wake up??

I’m not here to talk politics because those don’t matter right now.  People lost their lives last weekend when they went to a country concert. People are making conspiracy theories and fighting about gun control instead of worrying about the 22,000 people that were there last Sunday night.  THAT is what America has come to.  THAT is what’s wrong with America.  We have got to stop acting like spoiled, entitled “millennials”.

America doesn’t owe us anything.  The world doesn’t owe us anything.  We owe the world, and we owe America.  We owe them to be our best self.  We owe them to make the best of every single situation.   We owe them to be kind. We owe them our lives.  Every single one of us can make a difference in not only America, but the world.

You have two options in your life.  You can make the best of every situation, even the crappy ones, you can make a difference, you can be the change you need to see. Or, you can be the opposite.  You can be the wrong in this world we live in.  You can be another Steven Paddock and ruin lives forever.  You can be the evil.

Let me leave you with this.

No one owes you anything.  This could have been you.  You could have lost a significant other, family member, or friend, and maybe you did.  You could have been the one who didn’t make it.  So, what are you going to do? Are you going to be the change America needs to see? Or are you going to be the evil that America needs to take down?

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