Circuit Leg Workout!

I thought I’d start you out with a free leg/glute workout!

This workout consists of a total of 3 circuits with 3 workouts in each.  What is a circuit workout? A circuit workout is a number of exercises back-to-back with little to no rest in between, resting only when all the exercises in the circuit are complete. A word index is at the end of the workout. I’m adding the weights I used.  However, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use the weight you feel most comfortable with. Please make sure to do all exercises correctly, whether these or any other workout as not preforming any workout correctly can result in serious injury. Enjoy!

Lets Get started!

Warm-up: Stretch, 3-5 sets of 20 BW walking lunge (10 Each leg)


18 lb KB squat (12-15)

18 lb KB swing with squat (12-15)

20 lb BB walking lunge (20, 10 each leg)

Repeat 3-4 times


BW step-up with kickback  (12-15 each leg)

20 lb BB curtsy lunge (20, 10 each leg)

BW Bulgarian split lunge with bosu ball (12-15 each leg)

Repeat 3-4 times


18 lb KB single leg deadlift (12-15 each leg)

20 lb stiff legged BB dead lift

20 lb Front Squat to front press (12-15)

I hope you enjoy this circuit workout. Check back in for more blogs, workouts, giveaways and more!


KB: Kettlebell

BW: Body Weight

BB: Barbell

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